The Official Skal Toast is:
To Fellow Skalleagues Everywhere!
Happiness, Good Health, Friendship, Long Life, Prosperity
Skål Y'all

"600th Club of the World"



Founded May 18, 1993

Rick Adams was invited to join Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland Skål Clubs back in the late 1980’s while he was doing sales calls in the 8 states of the Northwest.  Rick visited with his good friends, Scott Singley and Ed Antognoli, in the Sacramento Club and asked why does San José not have their own Skal Club?  Rick and his wife Eileen decided to start the Silicon Valley Skål Club during the summer of 1990.  It took them 3 years to work through all the politics of women not wanted in Skål, and San Francisco saying we are too close to their city, but finally San Francisco voted to approve us to start the Skål Club of San José with a boundary of the San Mateo County line and south as the divider.  Later the boundary line was abolished, so people could join any Club they would like to!

Rick & Eileen Adams started our Club with 44 charter members interested in supporting their dream, but when the San Mateo County line was enforced, they lost 15 Great members.  Most of them eventually got to come back when the boundary line was abolished.

After 3 long years of helping members with their resumes, filling out all the necessary applications, collecting the necessary fees and forming our first Executive Committee, Mr. Paul Kloetzel represented us at the 32nd NAASC Congress in Mazatlan, Mexico, where they brought our Club up for the vote and we passed unanimously on May 18, 1993 as the 600th Club of the World!

28 Charter Members started Skål Club of San José, which has grown to well over 30 members now and still growing after 28 years!  The official name of our Club is now Skål International San José!